To improve a woman's style, I would first have a consultation and identify your body shape, what your wardrobe currently contains and what is missing that is essential to empower your personal style.

Whether it's a formal event, a wedding, work or you're travelling, I include multiple styling choices and tailor-fit pieces of clothing to make sure you have the best look possible.

Shopping can be daunting and time consuming, especially with a budget. Luckily, I provide a step-by-step shopping experience to make you look great without breaking the bank.


I can also provide you with Shopping services so you don't need to waste anymore time!

Women's Styling


There are various styles that can make and break a man's look. I can help you after assessing who you are, what you're into and make a positive impact on your personal style.

After a brief consultation and assessing your wardrobe, I can style you for every occasion with ease, keep you updated on latest trends and portray your manly qualities through style choices.

Shopping can be quite daunting to men. But with my services, you will learn how to buy clothing with the right colours, designs and materials without emptying your wallet and draining your bank account.

Or, you can leave the shopping to me!

Men's Styling

Getting ready for a school formal? Looking to make a lasting impression and an unforgettable experience?

Then you've come to the right person!

Formals can be exhausting, especially when trying to choose the right dress / suit to wear.


With my services, I can alleviate the stress by providing hair and make-up sources, supplying a great, tailor-fit dress / suit and create a guide for any future formal events that may come to occasion!

So, leave the stress with me and I will provide you with the best results!

Formal Styling


Looking to clear out old, unwanted clothes and refurbish your style with new, exciting attire?

After a brief consultation, I can assess your wardrobe through virtual / physical meetings with consistent feedback as to what you should and shouldn't wear.

I can personally clean out your wardrobe, revamp it with a new rack of clothes and set up occasional dressing!

On top of that, I can change the style of your wardrobe itself! The colours and design of your wardrobe could impact your day-to-day mood heavily.

Interested? Call and book a consultation today!

Wardrobe Curation

COVID-19 has affected the world dramatically and has caused many to become insecure and feel unsafe in public areas.

That's why I have included Virtual Styling with all types of services that I offer!

You can now contact me and receive a free consultation in the comfort of your own home! Feel free to kick on your fuzzy slippers and drink from your home coffee mug as we dive into curating your new personal style!

All virtual meetings are held on specific platforms such as Zoom and Skype. If you would like to use another platform, feel free to discuss it with me!

Virtual Styling

Working from Home